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JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2018 (JPM) is the center of attraction for thousands of biotech investors and companies, mainly biotech and pharma startups, whether or not they are invited to the main event. The 36th Annual Conference will take place on January 8–11, 2018, in San Francisco.

We considered participation with our startup, sci.AI. We analyzed information about the events that happen around JPM, looked through the previous years’ experiences, and chatted with our friends who had visited the Conference in years’ past. Based on the feedback, we decided… to skip the event in 2018. Our main reasons are as follows:

  • The Conference is geared more toward pharma and biotech companies than for pure tech startups or even specifically targeting the life sciences sector

  • Some people said (as we also feel), JPM is unreasonable expensive for startups in their early stages, as this budget might otherwise be used on R&D or attending five targeted industrial conferences

The list of JPM and satellite events still might be useful for other biotech and pharma startups. Moreover, this study is done in absentia, so feel free to add a new information or update and correct existing content in comments or by dropping us an email at, and we will update the guide.



Jan 6-7 East/West CEO
Jan 8 (6:00 am) MacDougall Biomedical Communications Annual Fun Run at Union Square
Jan 8-9 StartUp Health Festiva
Jan 8-10 Biotech Showcase
Jan 8-10 Digital medicine & Medtech showcase
Jan 8-10 OneMedForum
Jan 9 RESI Conference
Jan 10 Non-Dilutive Funding Summit

Other events

Jan 6-7 DOCSF 2018
Jan 7 Dermatology Summit
Jan 8 Organ Regeneration Technology Showcase
Jan 9 The Practical Guide to Creating Successful Patient Engagement Programs
Jan 9 Pre-Party Power Up by Worldwide Clinical Trials
Jan 11 Redefining Value in the Life Sciences
Jan Leaders Forum Experience


East/West CEO

Date: January 6–7, 2018
Location: The Four Seasons Hotel
Cost: Starting at $1950


  • Biotech CEOs
  • Decision makers in the life sciences
  • Healthcare investors


MacDougall Biomedical Communications Annual Fun Run at Union Square

Date & Time: January 8, 2018 at 6:00 a.m.
Location: Union Square, directly across from the Westin St. Francis (at the Dewey Monument)
Cost: -


StartUp Health Festival

Date: January 8–9, 2018
Cost: -
Information: The Festival is an invitation-only event, but you can try to get invited. They accept applications through October for a limited number of spots.


*Members of the StartUp Health Academy

  • Biotech investors
  • Healthcare executives
  • Health transformers (Founders & C-level)


Biotech Showcase

Date: January 8–10, 2018
Location: Hilton San Francisco Union Square
Cost: Starting at $1795


  • Senior executives of leading biotech companies
  • Business development teams from large and midsize pharmaceutical companies
  • Investors and other industry experts Biotech-Showcase-attendees


Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase

Date: January 8–10, 2018
Location: Parc 55 San Francisco – A Hilton Hotel
Cost: Starting at $1795


  • Digital medicine and therapeutic companies
  • Medtech companies
  • Pharma, biotech, and tech companies
  • Foundations, angels, and family offices
  • Venture capital, private equity, and institutional investors
  • Buy and sell-side analysts
Confirmed investors 4BIO Capital
Aberdeen Investment Management
Accelerator Fund
Aceras Partners
Advantech Capital
Aglaia BioMedical Ventures
Albion Capital LLP
Aleph Capital LLC
Alignment Ventures, LLC
AmorChem Financial
Angels + Life.Sci Investors
Anglo Scientific
Arix Bioscience
Arthurian Life Sciences
Artiman Ventures
Aspire Capital Partners, LLC
ATEM Capital
Bailard, Inc.
Bay City Capital
BDC Healthcare Fund
BGI Venture
Bio Capital Impact Fund
Bio Ideations LLP
BioCapital Impact Fund
Biogeneration Ventures
BioMedPartners AG
Bios Partners
BioSense Global LLC
Bioventures Investors
BL/SH Financial
BOHE Angel Fund
BOM Capital II B.V.
Bradley Woods
Brandon Capital Partners
Brookline Capital Markets
Cantor Fitzgerald
Capgenic Advisors
Capital IP
Cathay Venture Inc.
Cato BioVentures
Cedrus Investments
China Merchants Capital
Colonial Technology Development Co.
Connecticut Innovations, Inc.
Cormark Securities Inc.
Crosswave Management, inc.
CTI Life Sciences
Cybernaut Investment
Danhua Capital
DeBere Group Limited
Decheng Capital
DEFTA Partners
Discover Fund Management, LLLP
DNB Markets
Dorset Capital LLC
Dynamk Capital
Earlybird Health-Tech Management GmbH & Co. KG
Edgewood Management LLC
Efung Capital in Shenzhen, China
Eight Roads
Eleven Two Capital
Epidarex Capital Management LLP
Esco Ventures Pte Ltd
EXXclaim Capital
Finney Capital
First Analysis
Formation8 Partners
Fountain Healthcare Partners
Fresenius Medical Care Ventures GmbH
Gilt Edged Securities Pty Limited
Gimv NV
GIS Strategic Investors
GPG Ventures
GRA Venture Fund
Gray Strategic Advisors, LLC
Great Point Partners
GreenSky Capital
Grey Sky Venture Partners
griffin advisors
H.C. Wainwright & Co.
HEDA Ventures
Hercules Capital
Hikari Power
Horizon Technology Finance
Illumina Ventures
Inkef Capital
Inkef Capital BV
Innovation Ventures
International Biotechnology Trust Plc
InterWest Healthcare Partners
IPV Capital
iSeed Ventures, LLC
JAFCO Co., Ltd.
Karmel Capital
Knoll Capital Management
L2 Capital
L2 Capital LLC
Life Science Angels
Life Sciences Research International BV
Lumira Capital
Management company RUSNANO LLC
MBL Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
MedPro Investors LLC
Mesa Verde Venture Partners
Milestone Capital
Militia Hill Ventures
Millhouse LLC
Mirsona, Inc.
Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc
Momentum Biotech
Montrose Capital
Montrose Capital Partners
MP Healthcare Venture Management, Inc.
MPM Capital
MVP Capital Partners
NHN Investment
Nokia Growth Partners
Novo Holdings A/S
O2h Ventures Limited
Oceaniq Capital Partners
Onelife Fund (UCITS)
OrbiMed Advisors LLC
Oresund Capital
Oxygen Therapy Inc.
Partisan Management Group, Inc.
PBM Capital Group
PI Financial
PoC Capital, LLC
Portola Capital Partners
Premier Partners, LLC
ProMed Partners, LP
Proteus Venture Partners
Qiming Venture Partners
Sacramento Angels
San Diego Tech Coast Angels
Sandman Financial Inc.
Scotasian Capital
SDL Ventures, LLC
Sea Otter Global Ventures
Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited
SHL Group
Silicon Valley Bank
Sunstone - Life Science Ventures
Sunstone Capital
SV Health Managers LLP
Syno Capital
Tactics II Equity LLC
Talu Ventures
Tarnagulla Ventures
TCD Group
Teralys Capital
Touchstone Innovations
TVM Capital China Limited
TVM Life Science Management
Two Sigma Ventures
Unum Capital
V2M Capital
Van Leeuwenhoeck Inc
V-Bio Ventures
VI Partners
Vickers Venture Partners
Virtus Inspire Ventures
Vital Venture Capital, LLC
WBB Asset Management
WestPark Capital
Wharton Asset Management Company Limited
Whiz Partners Inc.
WI Harper Group
Wolfswood Partners
WRF Capital
Yuuwa Capital


11th Annual OneMedForum

Date: January 8–10, 2018
Cost: -
Information: The conference will showcase a small, select group of companies that have passed a rigorous selection process.


  • Investors and companies in a spectrum of healthcare areas (drug delivery, diagnostics, oncology, neurological disorders, immunotherapy, etc.)


RESI (Redefining Early Stage Investments) Conference

Date: January 9, 2018
Location: The Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel
Cost: Starting at $495


  • Family offices
  • Funders focused on Life-science
  • Similar investors


The 13th Annual Non-Dilutive Funding Summit

Date: January 10, 2018
Location: The Marines’ Memorial Club
Cost: Free


  • Life science investors
  • US Army representatives


Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF 2018)

Date: January 6–7, 2018
Location: The Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco
Cost: Starting at $650 ($150 Saturday only)


Leaders in:
  • Digital health
  • Clinical orthopedics
  • Technologies in musculoskeletal


The 5th Annual Dermatology Summit

Date: January 7, 2018
Location: The Palace Hotel
Cost: Starting at $745


  • Leaders in dermatology space


Organ Regeneration Technology Showcase

Date: January 8, 2018
Location: WeWork SoMa
Cost: -
Information: The sessions about 12 minutes each in order will be Heart & Cardiovascular, Brain, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Major Organ Regeneration and Cancer.


The Practical Guide to Creating Successful Patient Engagement Programs

Date: January 9, 2018
Location: Westin St. Francis
Cost: -
Information: Hosted by Welkin Health, this event is an invite-only session bringing together thought leaders to exchange insights on how to better empower and engage patients. Requests for invitation will be considered.


Leaders in:
  • Biotech
  • Medical Device
  • Digital Health


Pre-Party Power Up by Worldwide Clinical Trials

Date: January 9, 2018
Location: -
Cost: -


  • Members of the Worldwide executive management team
  • Lifescience executives
  • BioPharm executives


Redefining Value in the Life Sciences

Date: January 11, 2018
Location: InterContinental San Francisco
Cost: -


Leaders Forum Experience

Date: January, 2018
Location: -
Cost: -

Private Events


Private events around the Conference (Reception Lists) will be available here in December 2017

Some of the private events

January 6, 2018
4:50–6:00 pm - East/West CEO Cocktails and Hors doeuvres - Four Seasons Hotel
January 7, 2018
4:00-5:00 pm - East/West CEO Cocktails and Hors doeuvres - Four Seasons Hotel



Useful tools

  • BIO One-on-One Partnering™
    We highly recommend that everyone applies to use the BIO One-on-One Partnering™ system. It allows you request meetings with biotechs, investors, in-licensors, academics, research institutes, patient groups, and more.

  • BioWeekSF
    BioWeekSF is a valuable resource for JPM Week attendees, dedicated to optimizing the experience of the attendees. It provides exclusive discounts, important news, and updates.

Survival Guide

Please find the 2017 Survival Guide here. Take a look: You will know how to navigate and network like a pro. You will find information as diverse as where to recharge a device or find a bar, and most of the tips are suitable for 2018. We will add more and update the guide later.


BIO is offering meeting space:

  • Be careful with room rental sites. Rooms are sometimes booked on paper outside of the system. You can even successfully book a room but then lose it
  • Some hotels have started to charge for just talking in their lobbies during JPM. So, be ready; a hotel employee may interrupt your conversation with an investor at the most unsuitable moment
  • Do not plan meetings back to back. You need to have some extra time in case a meeting is delayed or you need to go to another place
  • Please try to sleep at least five hours to keep your mind clear
  • Pack your business cards now

Please share your tips in the comments below

#JPM18 Influencers in Social Media

List of attendees and speakers for JPMorgan 2018
Thanks San Diego LifeSci

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Feel free to add your tips, useful information, and helpful ideas regarding the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2018 to the comments below or just drop us an email at We will add your information to this post and credit you with your contribution.

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