Embedded analytics – is the usage of reporting and analytic capabilities in business applications. These capabilities can be outside the application, but must be easily accessible from inside the application, without forcing users to switch between systems. The integration of a Business Intelligence (BI) platform with the application architecture will enable users to choose where in the business process the analytics should be embedded.


Client wanted to provide Business Intelligence solutions to his customers on customer portal. There were the following requirements:

  • Users should not know that they use two different applications for portal and analytics capabilities
  • Application for embedded analytics must be able to communicate with the customer portal application
  • BI application should implement permissions from customer portal application
    Applications should be visually identical
  • Support single sign on (SSO), users shouldn’t login twice when switching between systems
  • Xpansa Solution

    Xpansa offered as a solution to use Pentaho BI Suite.

    The Pentaho platform gives all the infrastructure around single sign on, data security, permissions, connections and etc.

    CTools plugin gives full control over the desired behavior, being able to do the bridge between all the other Pentaho components: Analyzer, Reports and etc.

    This combination allows to achieve a great mix between predefined dashboards and ad-hoc analysis, usually what companies are looking for. All parties agreed that the Pentaho + Ctools combination is a perfect candidate here.

    Solution Results

    Our solution allowed the client to make access to reporting and analytics to their employees and end-customers as simple as possible. That helped to avoid additional costs on training employees for using the new Business Intelligence system and get all embedded analytics capabilities and benefits.

    Plus brand new portal with analytics helped them to get 36% more clients than during previous period as it provided to them additional competitive advantage.

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    Alexander Pashuk
    BI Developer at Xpansa
    - 5+ years of experience in web development
    - 3+ years of experience in BI development
    - Knowledge in Python, R, HTML & CSS, JavaScript
    - Various projects related to Data Mining in Medical Sector
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    Vitaliy Eremeev
    - 5+ years of experience in online and direct marketing
    - 4+ years of experience in web and mobile project management
    - 3+ years of experience in B2B marketing (IT companies, ERP/CRM systems)
    - Main project roles: Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner, Consultant
    - Primary objectives: Increase sales and brand awareness; implement marketing strategy; achieve objectives and goals


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