Daily and Periodic Business Operations and Documents Management

Daily and Periodic Business Operations and Documents Management

All business automations start on transaction level. Transaction core is accounting

Ask yourself two questions and answer frankly.

Are all operations that your business is doing being tracked?
Are all records of operations being stored in one or integrated databases at least?

If answer for at least one question is “no” then forget about business intelligence and advanced optimization for now. Your business needs transactional basis first.

Best approach is to start from finance and accounting automation. Chart of Accounts and Analytic Accounts are representing all economy related transactions, so setting them up is like designing architecture of your business. Proper accounts, journals and financial reports setup is the skeleton of all other processes management.
The next processes to be automated is supposed to be related with your main proposal to market. Sales and CRM applications for retail company, Warehouse for Wholesale, Project Management for IT and Accounting Services Manufacturing for Industrial Factory. Then implement all application for supporting processes like Human Resource to cover all operations. All mentioned application are components of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems. This system is obligatory and first tool for your business.

All employees deal with different knowledge and documents when implementing daily tasks. So the next system in your organization after ERP should be Document Management System (DMS) or more generic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. It allows to store, backup, control revisions etc. of any information, agreement or invoice withing company. Extended features of such applications will allow your team work remotely and simultaniously on one document, use mobile devices, add electronic signatures and perform secure editing.
So whenever your business is retail or high technology design service, make sure that you’ve set basic management layer and start futher improvements on this basis

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