About us:

Xpansa creates predictive analytics, AI and ML, enterprise search, global data aggregation to extract facts and build hypotheses, knowledge management, enterprise resource planning systems. Main targets are Biotech, Life sciences, and High Tech organizations. Our mission is to build systems that will help the brightest minds to collaborate and create solutions of the future.

Xpansa is a global company with a prevalent presence in Eastern Europe. We offer our colleagues flexible working environment combining office and remote workspaces.

There is currently a job opening for two projects, sci.AI and InfinitySciences. You will design data structures and graph connections that help big pharma companies and universities worldwide to extract facts from academic papers, understand context and build hypotheses on global scale.


Job description:

We are looking for the data scientist or engineer with a specialization in semantic web, graphs and natural language processing. This role will apply expertise in Semantic Web to interconnect knowledge underlying in biomedical texts. Areas of particular interest include RDF/XML application for web development, metatagging, unsupervised clustering of textual data, graph data structures design, natural language semanticization with external ontologies.

You will be part of the R&D team of the SciAI/InfinitySciences and collaborate with engineers of Xpansa, pharma companies and scientists. Daily tasks will include but not limited to RDF/XML-like format development, text semantization, creation / embedding algorithms for the objects relationships extraction in the papers, searching for cross-correlations and similar causality across researches.

If you have active interest in biomedical data analysis then it is a huge benefit to share common motivation with the whole team.



BA/BS in Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering, Statistics or other technical field. Advanced degrees preferred.


Experience and Skills:

– Data annotating with RDF/XML, RDFa,;
– Familiarity with languages for statistical & scientific computing, such as the Python, R, and associated libraries.
– Graph databases querying in SPARQL;
– Worked on 2 data semanticisation projects with team of 2 persons at least;
– Use version control regularly. We use Gitlab / GitHub;
– Intermediate English language communication and writing skills;
– Experience with core NLP techniques and tasks;
– Knowledge of linguistic levels and concepts;
– Interest/ Knowledge in the biomedical ontologies is a massive plus.


Personal qualities:

– Strong analysing, synthesising, critical thinking and reasoning skills;
– Resourceful;
– Delivering. Problem solver and result oriented;
– Like writing. Project documentation, specification design, communication via email and messengers is an integral part of daily work;
– Punctual, responsible and reliable;
– Quality obsessed;
– Constant learner;
– Interested in biomedical sciences;
– Proactive.

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