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We publish the fifth and final article about the basic features of mERP Warehouse. The mERP Warehouse is an android-based application especially optimized for warehouse logistic processes managed on Odoo 8/9/10.

mERP Warehouse. Inventory

The Features

  • Processes receipt of purchase orders or delivery of sales orders directly from your hardware scanners or your mobile device

  • Optimizes stock counting processes for fast inventory adjustments

  • Scans a product and gets all information about available quantities and locations in seconds using our quick scan functionality

  • Hardware scanner support: Motorola MC3200 and Motorola MC40

  • mERP warehouse comes with mERP, so you have direct access to all standard Odoo functionality on your mobile device

Using the scanning feature of hardware scanners, or even the camera of a simple android mobile device, you can quickly process all inventory movements.

Everything is just one click away!

  • Filter the list by scanning a bar-code (location or product)

  • Update a quantity

  • Delete a line

  • Set all to 0

  • Add a missing product

mERP Warehowse Inventory mERP Warehowse Inventory2

Example of filtering functionality

Case 1: The particular product is found on particular location. In this case, it immediately brings you the view to update the quantity of the product on the location.
Case 2: The product is missing on particular location. In this case, it proposes to add the missing product to the list.

mERP Warehowse Inventory mERP Warehowse Inventory

Example of missing product

mERP Warehouse makes it easier and more intuitive. Smart pop-ups inform you if a product was present in the list. If you scan a product not presented in the inventory list, user interface becomes blue-colored to show that you are adding a new inventory line.

mERP_Warehouse_Inventory5 mERP_Warehouse_Inventory

Example of Product Info feature

Scan a product barcode using Info menu to get comprehensive details about locations of the product.
Scan a location barcode using Info menu to get comprehensive details about products on this location.

mERP_Warehouse_Inventory mERP_Warehouse_Inventory

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Site of mERP application – https://merpapp.com/

If you are interest mERP warehouse solution please contact us using form below:

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Dima Lipnitski
Project Manager at Xpansa Global
- 6+ years of experience in Project Management
- 7+ years of experience in Business Analysis
- Strong Technical background
- Knowledge in Logistics, Finance, Accounting, Mobile development.


  • Aug 10 2015
Where can I get this app?
    • Aug 11 2015
    Hi Jule, in the middle of August the app will be available on the official site - merpapp.com The cost of the app is 99€/year. If you want to purchase the app right now, just drop us a mail. Thank you.

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