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Xpansa presents: mERP Warehouse app

  • September 17, 2015
  • Last update: June 13, 2018
  • by Vitaliy Eremeev
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The app is available on Google Play

mERP Warehouse® is a unique mobile app that helps you manage your warehouse in real time from a mobile device. It works with RainbowChain™, your Odoo based ERP on Premise, on Odoo Cloud or on Xpansa SAAS. The app provides instant access to all ERP details from warehouse scanning device making it even faster to receive goods or to make a physical inventory.

mERP Warehouse

The app works ideally with hardware scanners like Motorola MC40, Motorola MC3200 (Zebra) Symphone N2S from Newland and ScanSKU PDA. In addition, you can use the app with any android phone/tablet with built-in camera. Please to test the app download one from the Google Play or from

mERP Warehouse Quick Start Guide

    Supported Operations

  • Goods receipt for PO

  • Lot management

  • General good receipt

  • Internal good movement

  • Inventory management

  • Product info

  • Putaway / Shipping / Delivery

  • Product owner management

Pricing model

Two versions of the app will be available on Google Play and Technically it’s the same app, but Google Play edition was created for small companies that want to use the app out of the box without customization. Let’s look at the comparison table to see the differences between the apps.

The app mERP WarehousemERP Warehouse Pro
Purchase place Google Play mERP’s Site
Purchase type By account By device
Licenses 1 license = up to 3 devices1 1 license = 1 device
Subscription Monthly/Yearly Yearly Subscription Only
Customization No Yes2
License Management No Yes3
Cost per License Start from €29.99/month €99/year
Way to Purchase In-app billing Direct Bank Transfer/PayPal
Target Audience One man company SME

1 Connected to the same Google Play account
2 All customizations are available for extra fee
3 You have an access to you own account on and can manage the licenses by yourself. Licenses bought through for enterprise users who latter maybe want some customizations etc.

mERP Warehouse screen mERP Warehouse screen 2 mERP Warehouse screen

Note: The app from Google Play is different from mERP Pro app license from You cannot use licenses bought on mERP’s site to update in Google Play.

    Key Features

  • Process receipt of purchase orders (PO) or delivery of sales orders directly from your hardware scanners or your mobile device

  • Optimized stock counting processes for fast inventory adjustments

  • Scan a product and get all information about available quantities and locations in seconds using our quick scan functionality

  • Hardware scanner support: Motorola MC3200, Motorola MC40 Newland Symphone N2S and ScanSKU. mERP Warehouse® comes with mERP®. You have direct access to all standard Odoo functionality on your mobile device

    Planned Features

  • Packing and Printing of Labels

  • Serial Numbers Management

  • UI improvements

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mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 1: Processing from Supplier to Input area.

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 2: Processing from Input to Stock area

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 3: From Stock to Output area (Pick)

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 4: From Output to Customer area (Ship)

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 5: Inventory and Product Info

Site of mERP application –

If you are interested mERP warehouse solution please contact us using form below

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