Xpansa together with Ris Belgium (ris.be) developed mERP Warehouse version for barcode scanners, such as Motorola MC40 and MC32XX scanning devices. mERP application works on almost any Android device too.

This solution has already successfully established itself in the inventory scan for customer Transport De Rudder, where the 4.000 locations for the new customer SAEY, Kuurne were scanned and processed.

mERP Warehouse key features

  • Inventory management

  • Internal movements

mERP Warehouse 1 mERP Warehouse 2

  • Putaway / Goods Receipt

  • Shipping / Delivery

  • Managing Product Owner

mERP Warehouse 3 mERP Warehouse 4

  • Initial Purchase

  • “Done operation” from picking list

mERP Warehouse 5 mERP Warehouse 6

Putaway process. Predefined Incoming Shipments / Outgoing Shippings

Incoming Shipments:

  • Receive goods directly in stock (1 step)

  • Unload in input location then go to stock (2 steps)

  • Unload in input location, go through a quality control before being admitted in stock (3 steps)

Outgoing Shippings:

  • Ship directly from stock (Ship only)

  • Bring goods to output location before shipping (Pick + Ship)

  • Make packages into a dedicated location, then bring them to the output location for shipping (Pick + Pack + Ship)

Standart Warehouse Process


Will be implemented soon:

1. Picking Waves
One Picking Waves => Many Pickings
One picking = One responsible

2. Employee management
Automatic assignment of new tasks for the employee

3.Inventory Adjustments
Scanning Product for getting info about one


We will release a full warehouse version of the app in the first half of April. The app will be available for purchase on merpapp.com or directly from our partners.

Please if you want to try mERP Warehouse Edition drop us a mail. For implementations and demonstration in Belgium please contact RIS.

file Real Internet Solutions bvba
Rijksweg 24, 8520 Kuurne
T: +32(0)56325027
F: +32(0)56325029
E-mail: sales@ris.be

Read also:

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 1: Processing from Supplier to Input area.

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 2: Processing from Input to Stock area

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 3: From Stock to Output area (Pick)

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 4: From Output to Customer area (Ship)

mERP Warehouse workflow. Step 5: Inventory and Product Info

Site of mERP application – https://merpapp.com/
If you are interest mERP warehouse solution please contact us using form below:

Vitaliy Eremeev on FacebookVitaliy Eremeev on GoogleVitaliy Eremeev on LinkedinVitaliy Eremeev on TwitterVitaliy Eremeev on Youtube
Vitaliy Eremeev
- 5+ years of experience in online and direct marketing
- 4+ years of experience in web and mobile project management
- 3+ years of experience in B2B marketing (IT companies, ERP/CRM systems)
- Main project roles: Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner, Consultant
- Primary objectives: Increase sales and brand awareness; implement marketing strategy; achieve objectives and goals


  • Jan 12 2015
We would like to try the software, please process our request for a trial account.
    • Jan 25 2015
    Alp, most likely it will be available for limited trial period for mERP partners in the beginning of February. Have you signed up for partnership already? Because that is one of conditions to evaluate Warehouse module. Thanks.
Andrea Cometa
  • Jan 22 2015
Nice tools! interesting
    • Jan 24 2015
    Hello Andrea, thank you! Very soon we will present a new version of our app - mERP Warehouse. Please follow us in social media and be the first who will know about it. Thanks!

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