On 5th of June our company presented a new Odoo mobile application at Open Days 2014. The name of the application is mERP. We got around 100 visitors who came to look at us. Fully functional one month trial of application can be already downloaded from google play

Below is video of the whole presentation and highlights of the main points, for those who unfortunately were not able to visit us.

So here we go:

Application features and benefits

What is – mERP? mERP is a mobile closed source application for all android users who use Odoo (former OpenERP). Most features of the Odoo’s web version are available on with our application and that allows you to proceed with your daily operations.

Frequent question that we get is how our application is different from others? Answer is quite simple: to date there is no mobile application that works with all Odoo modules simultaneously.

So you can transfer any changes from a custom web interface to your Android device with zero development cost. This means that doesn’t matter how you change your ERP – mERP application will know it and automatically display all changes.
    Core features of the application are:

  • All customizations to Odoo modules and even custom modules are available on your mobile phone immediately;

  • Fast mobile interface;

  • Simplicity of the interface;

  • Synchronization of contacts into your phone;

  • Synchronization of meetings into your calendar;

  • Have a demo without running your Odoo server.

During the presentation, we have demonstrated how it works. On the test server we have created a new field, and after a few seconds we showed that it also appeared on Samsung tablet. This means you pay nothing for the development of Android application to get your custom modules on it.

Suggestion to partners

The second part of the presentation was dedicated to cooperation with partners. To understand our suggestions first I provide you with insights into our business model. In one phrase our business model is “partner oriented”.

Exactly now for sure we can talk only about standard resell partnership to earn money together.
Our business model assumes 2 ways of distribution of our application: using our public prices (available on official site), or we provide special prices for our partners. Anyway start price even for partners is the same as public one, but as long as you buy more licenses – you will get discount and can reduce price up to 2 times.

Also we get a lot of partnership suggestions regarding usage of mERP framework. So later we are going to think out more close relationship and contribution into our app from partners. That is just idea for later as long as we develop.

The exact conditions to become a partner will be published this month on our site. So follow us on twitter for updates.

As additional benefit partners are getting competitive advantage in promoting Odoo and their services. Most of end customers want to be fast, efficient and a step ahead of others. They want to be mobile everywhere, including their work. Our app provides this.

    So key benefits for our partners are:

  • Special rates and discounts;

  • Support and customization from us on discounted prices;

  • Increasing the impact of your brand in the Odoo solution market;

  • New satisfied customers;

    Thanks to feedback of our customers we defined that the following new features are in high demand:

  • Offline access – work with Odoo even offline, with later synchronization with server;

  • Ultra Fast Navigation – we are still improving our fast interface;

  • Instant Reporting – real time simple reports to get quick access to basic business insights;

  • Configurable Dashboards – allows to access quickly to commonly used features;

  • Sexy Design – and of course new design, but still it will be very strict and business styled

Please, send an e-mail to hello@merpapp.com in case of inquiries.

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Robert Diner
  • Nov 19 2014
Really like this app. Are you going to make an iOS version? Thanks for your great work!
    Vitaly Eremeev
    Vitaly Eremeev
    • Nov 19 2014
    Hi Robert, thank you for your warm words! In brief about iOS version - it is highly demanded, but not as much as some other features. Also some features are sponsored by our partners to be prioritized higher. iOS in a more long term plan and definitely will not be available this year. But if we gather enough requests both from customers and partners we definitely will put high focus on it. If your company would like to participate in speeding up development of iOS version we can discuss conditions of this on Skype. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me. You can also read our FAQ - https://merpapp.com/blog/merp-frequently-asked-questions/ Thanks!
Liya Thomas
  • Mar 10 2015
Great article. Odoo (Open ERP) is highly comprehensive platform.

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