For several months we were working on native Android app to introduce the easiest way to provide mobile access to any custom OpenERP instance. The name of the app is mERP. During our discussions with partners and customers we noticed that the common demand from business apps like OpenERP is to have a possibility to access data and to manage teams/processes on the go. Especially that was noticeable during our participation in CEBIT2014.

The above conversation gave us good understanding on where to move in our development and to implement what actually business needs. Now it is in beta and not available for download. But it is already fully compatible with 6.1, 7, 8 versions. If you’d like to join beta testing program, just drop us an email on Also you can visit our site mERP.

The interesting thing about mERP is that even while it was in beta, mERP helped us to close 2 deals.
The final criteria of choosing us as solution provider was insane speed and flexibility of native Android app.We would like to share that app with partners on special conditions and give benefit to everyone who are interested.

Everybody can visit us on Open Days 2014June 5th at 3.00 PM in the room Foyer Royal where we are going to give official presentation of our Android app. All of you can get as much details about mERP – full Odoo mobile app as needed, ask questions and test its features yourself. If you’re interested in our proposition, please, contact us at for more details.

See you on Open Days 2014!

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Oleg Kuryan
- 13+ years of experience in Software Engineering and Maintenance
- 6+ year of experience in Management field, Managing Software Outsourcing projects in Software Maintenance area
- Various projects related to Data Mining in Medical Sector
- Products and applications in e-Commerce, CRM, ERP, DMS and other business solutions
- Knowledge in Java (6+ years), C# (2 years), Python (3 year)


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