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Alfresco is an Open Source Document Management system. Every serious company has a set of documents that must be kept in the public domain. To avoid the transfer of documents from one employee to another, to avoid the appearance of several different versions of a document and checking relevance of information it is convenient to use Alfresco.

Alfresco allow you to store documents in the public domain of the company, providing every employee with the information they need. All files in system are indexed, that allow users to quickly search for the title of the file as well as to its contents. One additional benefit of this system is document’s version control. You can always track when and who made ​​changes to the document and in case of an error you can go back to the previous version. Alfresco system is secure repository of documents of the company as they are not somewhere on the Internet but within customer’s system. Alfresco provides flexible access to documents depending on access rights.

You can get access to important information while on the go or just not having a computer at hand, with  mobile application Alfresco. It has all features of the web application and integrates with the most popular mobile editors. If there is a need to show document beyond a system there is a possibility to get short link that will show the document without bringing it outside of Alfresco.

    Xpansa provides next services for this system:

  • Analysis of business processes to determine most efficient way to use Alfresco. As a result we will have desired scale of the system and the most optimal way of its development and implementation.

  • Alfresco system installation.

  • Custom development. If required, more scripts and addons will be developed, to do the work of the company more convenient.

  • Setting search system in Alfresco. Our company is an expert in the configuration of the most rapid and accurate search in any amount of information.

Core Alfresco Solutions

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