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Car production always goes in stages going from department to department. For effective work processes should be fast and accurate. Automation of production control effectively reflected in the production process itself. There’s always a clear time frame in which it is necessary to perform a particular process, there are responsible people in this process and those who need to know and monitor progress.

All of these are easily combined in OpenERP system. If we are talking about an individual order every ordered car may be represented as a separate project. Each project has tasks that can be represented as separate processes in the production of the car. Tasks can be linked by parental relationship in this case, some process cannot be started until the other one is done. Each task has its deadline, which is important in the production as there is a scheduled time for each type of work. Inside a task workers can note the time that they spent on their work and describe what they did. The system allows controlling which tasks take employee’s time and whether the allocated time for this kind of work is correct. In this way further work can be optimized and the OpenERP system itself may conduct this analysis and offer optimal time frame for work.

When it comes to large-scale production not on individual orders, one more important detail is availability of all components for production. OpenERP system is able to control the presence of parts in stock and constantly show their current status. If the quantity in stock falls below the saved number, the system displays a message or generates a purchase order details. As a result of this business performance increases significantly.

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Automobiles and Components

Car production always goes in stages, going from department to department. For effective work processes should be fast and accurate.

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