Data Analysis – Key Part of Data Mining

Data Analysis - Key Part of Data Mining

There are a lot of mentions about Data Mining in the web. But in most cases companies that claim to do Data Mining in reality do only data scraping. That means gathering data in structured form from various places. But having that data in one place is not enough.

Data is not helpful without its further analyses. The combination of data scraping and data analyses forms what is called data mining.

But how can data help you? What for it should be analyzed? In Xpansa we divide data analyses into several categories based on the goal that should be achieved. So below main goals of data analyses are described:

  • Business Analyses. Analyses usually it is referred also as business intelligence. Basically it is aggregation of data in the way that will help to make business decisions based on charts, diagrams and etc. drawn based on the initial structured data.

  • Research Analyses. It helps to build and check hypotheses and data characteristics. Also the goal is to find dependences between different types of data.

  • Forecast Analyses. The goal is to predict and classify possible results based on trends in existent data.

  • Dependencies Analyses. The goal is to evaluate dependencies between different nodes of data. That type of analyses is usually referred as analyses of social graph. It helps to understand how one node is influenced by the other one.

  • Text Analyses. Refers to linguistic analyses of big text information and to an attempt of extracting useful facts from it.

  • Pattern Recognition. It is more related to analyses of image data. It helps to extract useful information from pictures for further representation.

  • Data Representation. Changing format of data representation. In most cases results of analyses need to be represented in the way that is easy to understand for humans. That is any graphical representation of data

Hopefully above categorization sheds some light on what goal you’re trying to achieve. If you would like us to analyze your particular case and to give you a quote on efforts needed to analyze your data, feel free to submit your questions to us to get a free quote!

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Data Analysis - Key Part of Data Mining

Having data in one place is not enough, because it is not helpful without its further analyses

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