Managing HR process in large organizations without special software can be a nightmare. Applicants that are on different stages of interview, payroll management, talents acquisition process, control of timesheet records, tracking employee leaves and analysis of data about current workforce. All that information need to be structured and properly organized into a strict clear straightforward process.

From our experience we know that every organization have their own rules of managing open positions, signing a contract and controlling current workforce. But most of them do not use centralize system to control that process.

Our consultants have experience in automating HR process in large companies across Western Europe and North America. After system is ready for you, you will be able to be on top of the whole HR lifecycle – planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation, talent reviews and measuring and reporting.

In case you’re using third-party software for your HR process and want to migrate all data to one centralized system, we will develop migration plan specially for you to make the process smooth and transparent.

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Core HR Solutions

    Time Tracking

  • Timesheet Activities

  • Timesheets to Validate

  • Applications

  • Leave Requests

  • Allocation Requests

  • Leaves Summary
    Human Resources

  • Employees

  • Contracts

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