Knowledge and Document Management

Knowledge and Document Management

Have you ever had a situation when firing one key employee means loss of vital knowledge inside your company? If yes, that is a disaster and you need to quick actions!

All knowledge needs to be centralized and available either for everybody or on demand.

You may think that to avoid such a problem you just need to have some wiki (like Atlassian). But that is not completely true. You need to review all the process inside your company, define all places where you can get knowledge from and define processes in such a way that all involved employees will be required to fill in documents before finishing their tasks.

That rather complex task can be handled by our team that were involved in defining and implementing Knowledge management system for development companies from Latvia, Lithuania and Belgium, accounting company from Netherlands.

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Core Knowledge and Document Management Solutions

  • Document authoring and publishing

  • Version management

  • Powerful search and navigation through taxonomies

  • Intelligent publishing, automatic classification and subscription

  • State-of-the-art business collaboration

  • Flexible and configurable user interface

  • An open framework for applications, content, and services


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