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Magento is an open-source E-commerce system that is used for b2c online stores and b2b buying portals. We have personally chosen this engine to build e-commerce apps for our customers because Magento has a clear expandable architecture, huge community support and can meet all requirements of the most of online stores.

Xpansa has an outstanding expertise in web-stores implementation. We’ve created stores from scratch with one owner and manager at the beginning and lead them to one of the major competitors in the market. We’ve provided extra selling features to existing players like creating loyal community in social networks and adding cross and upsell features in the store. We do advanced stores and consult our customers how to improve ROI and increase turnover with their new online stores.

    Xpansa services include:

  • Online stores implementation and development. We develop functional and technical architectures, graphical design, implement store, upload catalogs and automate it’s updates. After start we gradually develop new features and make improvements to existing

  • Business Tactics consulting for Internet based companies

  • Business Operations analysis and selling staff activities automation

  • Online marketing campaigns. That includes creating context and media ads, social media marketing, mailing and other

  • Creating Call-center infrastructure

We believe that online store is not just a bit of code. It’s complex combination of strategy, store engine, properly chosen goods, marketing, selling activities and outstanding ideas. And we do this set!

Core Magento ecommers Solutions

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