OpenERP integration

Odoo / OpenERP integration


Odoo / OpenERP is one of the market leaders in open-source business software


Core features that makes it perfect choice are:

  • No payments for Out-of-the-box functionality. Community edition is free but definitely not limited: full support of standard Accounting, Sales, Supply Chain, Project Management, Human resources and Manufacturing processes

  • Rich functionality. According to our experience most service and retail companies can use Odoo in OOTB installation and will be happy. Other businesses will need just small customizations in most of the cases

  • Total flexibility. Forget about adding one field for 1k EUR. If your business needs something unique, it will cost you affordable money amount and implementation time

  • Extremely fast growth of the product

  • Huge community

  • Fits business of any size. Doesn’t matter, if your business is just start it’s development or it’s very big and is saving next million on software licensing, Odoo will support any processes in your company

XPANSA does unique service on the market by integrating Odoo for big companies.
Even if your company has more than 10k employees, licence costs of management software can be 0 EUR.

Yes, that is true. Someone will start searching for reasons and cons. Answer is simple: new open source model allowed to build stable and scalable software. Maybe it is not so functionally reach as expensive competitors, but how much of those extra functions your company had used even one time?

Core Odoo Solutions

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