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Pentaho Business Intelligence suite is the world’s most popular open source BI suite. It provides a full range of BI capabilities, and a BI platform including flexible reporting, interactive analysis, dashboards integrated with reporting and analysis, data integration and Data Mining tools with low cost.

Pentaho BI Suite offers an easy interface Business Intelligence solution which does not require a special technical skills to generate reports and analysis

Pentaho is available either as open source (CE – Community Edition), or as a commercial product (EE – Enterprise Edition). Pentaho commercial license provides affordable support and improved functions such as dashboards and advanced analytics and reporting.

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    Xpansa provides different services with Pentaho BI Suite (CE and EE) and here are some of them:

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Data Integration

  • Data Mining

  • Metadata design and development

  • ETL development

  • Report design and development

  • Dashboard design and development

  • Application Integration

  • Performance Tuning

  • Pentaho Consulting

    Pentaho is a open source software which is an alternative to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server BI Services

  • IBM Cognos

  • Oracle BI Suite

  • SAP BI Solutions
We use proven methodology and processes in our development and implementation of the Business Intelligence software

Our solution combines all Pentaho BI Suite components to facilitate better decision making for your business. Through a combination of reporting, analysis, dashboard, data integration and Data Mining components we can help you see a complete picture of your entire data.

Core Pentaho Solutions

    Server applications

  • Have ongoing access to all business information and data including reports, analytics and dashboards

  • Have ongoing access to business user functionality including interactive reporting and analysis

  • Have access to a complete business analytics platform, including interactive analysis, visualizations, rich dashboards, and enterprise reporting with the Pentaho mobile app on the iPad

  • Analyze huge and complex quantities of data in real-time with Mondrian (OLAP)

  • Schedule reports with Pentaho BI and email them to users directly from server

    Desktop/client applications

  • Create, manage and distribute reports through rich graphical report designer and publish reports to server or send by mail

  • Integrate business data from any sources with Pentaho Data Integration to create a complete picture of business

  • Mining data and turning them into useful information about users, clients and business

  • Uncover meaningful hidden patterns and relationships in data for use these correlations to improve organizational performance, providing the best future performance.

    Additional Pentaho Improvement Services

  • Create beautiful dashboards with user-friendly view and contains any necessary information

  • Analyse business data and create reports quickly and easily with Saiku Analytics

  • Create ad-hoc reports in Pentaho Community Edition (not available by default)

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