Technology Hardware & Equipment

Control engineering, manufacturing and assembling operations

Hardware and Telecommunication industry requires precise execution of all operations and standards fulfillment.
    Key steps are:

  • Design and mathematical modeling of the future equipment and systems. That is possible only with the help of engineering and not business management software. But process of design and resources control is normal project management so correspondent system is highly recommended to succeed in design works. DMS will allow engineers to organize all specifications, IEEE standards, company library, design files and track files revisions easily

  • Manufacturing and Assembling. Normally discreet manufacturing fully supported by ERP systems that allows to track Bill of Materials, execute Supply Chain flow to provide components for manufacturing, control means of production and instruments. SAP and Oracle ERP systems even have ready connectors to robotized machine-tools that makes possible to run lights out, with no human, manufacturing

  • Certifications and standardization

  • Distribution

  • Installation and support


Like any complex system, High Tech development processes should be designed, modeled and optimized first and only after that, components can go live. Integration of engineering, ERP, DMS, BI software systems is vital for such companies to run at least with the same pace as competitors do.

Modern world and Global Delivery model make management systems utilization necessary to control flow of design in one country, OEM manufacturing in another and distributing with minimum logistic cost all around the world

Technology and engineering companies are one of the most demanding category of customers, because this industry is fully rely on advanced experts and great software tools. Only this combination can help company to win competition

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Core Solutions for Technology Industry

    Design and Specification Documents Management

  • Collaborative Editing

  • Revisions Management

  • Documents processing workflow
    Engineering Project Management

  • All phases and tasks control

  • Resources and risks management

  • Electronic components manufacturing

  • Bill of Materials

  • Assembling line management
    Supply Chain

  • Procurement schedule

  • Logistic optimization

  • Warehouse and parts flow tracking
    Business Intelligence

  • Measuring manufacturing effectivity

  • Procurement costs decreasing

  • Real time KPIs calculation


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